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Your Pet’s Second Best Friend

We provide pet sitting services and focused care by skilled professionals with more than 20 years' experience. We are insured and bonded. You can trust we will care for your furry family members with all of the attention and love they deserve, whether you are working in your home, away from home, vacationing or simply running errands. Our mission, is to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in our professionalism during your absence.


Canine, Feline, Amphibian, Avian, Aquatic and Exotics! 

With Pet Nanny Pet Sitting Service Inc., you will have everything you and your pets need from experienced and reliable professionals.

Our fee schedule for overnights, vacations and weekends is priced fairly based location, the number of pets per household, medical needs and type of service desired. This will be determined during the initial consultation. Daily dog walks starting at $25.00 for mid day (11:00 AM- 3:30 PM.) Click on the images below for more information.

Exercise is an important part of a daily routine for health and balance. Allow Pet Nanny to be your canine's exercise instructor. We specialize in group and or individual walks. If your pup likes to swim, and there is access to a pool, we will gladly provide aqua therapy/exercise.

With many years of experience and countless clients, your pets will receive the attentiveness they need. This is one of our most popular services. Reservations are taken upon request.

Proper Nutrition is the building block for maintaining overall health, energy level and reducing the risks for chronic diseases.


Allow us to provide your Cats with the best care that they need, with overnight stays and or visits in their familiar environment.



A Passion for Animals



Mary LaFreniere, founder of Pet Nanny Pet Sitting Services Inc., is often referred to as "The Pet Whisperer” by many of her clients. Certain pets with a history of behavioral or medical issues and require advanced pet knowledge have been referred to Mary for individual and specialized care.

Mary’s knowledge allows her to uniquely tailor each plan of care to meet the specific needs and desires of her clients, and their pets. This includes care for medically compromised pets, from very young through geriatrics, administering medication, fluids, diabetic care and pets recovering from injury, surgery, and those that are disabled.  Her extensive knowledge of dietary needs has aided many of her clients’ pets to overcome skin and/or digestive health problems by recommending simple breed specific dietary changes.





What our clients say

I have known Mary for over 20 years - personally and professionally. Mary's ethics, values and integrity are of the highest value. Mary has cared and continues to care for our pets. Her knowledge, professionalism and intuition saved our dogs life. Without a second thought or the need to seek confirmation, Mary rushed our dog to the vet which basically saved her life. Anyone can "walk a dog" or pour food in a bowl. Pets need so much more than that, when we leave them alone for longs period of time. I highly recommend Pet Nanny Sitting Service to all. Thank you Mary for all your years of service.

Ruthie Ritter


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